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Professional Training

Our professional golf instructors will identify any weaknesses in your swing, and train you with the unique Gravity Golf drills that will permanently eliminate them. Using the drills when practicing in the future, will make your development improve to its highest possible level. You will also learn short game and “putting on the arc” techniques, that utilize the same high quality science employed in the full swing.

For Kids

Our teaching philosophy is that golf is a game for a lifetime, and developing proper fundamentals early will make the game that much more enjoyable. Our goal is to instruct your child in a pleasant and encouraging environment. Our use of “Sports Mental Coaching” makes our program unique – one that will improve your child’s ability to focus not only on golf but in school and other activities as well.

Our daily schedule includes individualized instruction, practice, rules and etiquette. Each day the instructors will accompany the students through a fun-filled day of instruction.We look forward to working with your junior golfer.

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